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So you're at the grocery store, and this statue looking dude comes up and is all "Herp derp fondle derp, peppers let's go!" and you only really caught fondle and peppers so you figure should probably follow this guy to see what he has planned.


Are you tired of not knowing how long to fondle your peppers? Well fret no longer! Your top of the line pepper fondling educational game now includes timers, so that you can get that duke worthy flavor, even at home!

The best news about this, is that it is 100% free! That's right, call in today, and you get ALL of the ancient pepper fondler secrets! All of them, look at this, it even has the Fondle Duke's seal of approval. All of it for FREE! You can't put a price on this shit, and neither can we!

This was a project that stemmed from a conversation I had with some friends in a chat room. I just kinda decided that it was funny enough that it needed to happen.

It took me about eight hours to finish all of the coding, then another 4 hours to get all of the assets in place.

I did the programming in Game Maker Studio

All of the graphics were edited in Paint.net

The sound effects were recorded in Audacity

The song was made in mario paint composer


Produce Isle front: istockphoto.com

Duke Wellington with a transparent background http://tats2-stock.deviantart.com

Green Pepper: http://nobacks.com/green-bell-pepper-five/

Pepper Display: Safeway

Hand: Dylan Juran from http://www.pressleft.com/


Super Pepper Fondler! (Now with More Clocks).exe 6 MB

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